Expectations .

Wide awake, with blood shot eyes. It's been such a stupid day. When I finally thought it's silly not to trust. But it's really not, it's a means of protecting oneself. When they tell you not to have expectations for people...you should really learn that it applies to e v e r y o n… Continue reading Expectations .

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What year is it again?

This is an open letter to everyone who feels the need to dig deep in all aspects of unjust behavior and find fault within victims of inhumane crimes set upon them. How does it feel to be on the outside where you're not immediately affected? I want to know, truly. How it feels to put… Continue reading What year is it again?

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Adulting. Why I’m failing at it and don’t give a damn.

So, hey. We haven't formally been introduced, I'm Essence (no last name for security purposes, I guess) aka Essence Syaira aka Essence Sassy aka just Essence. I'm a twenty-two year old recent graduate with my bachelor's degree in mass communications. I volunteer and intern and work at a shit retail job. I'm a millennial that… Continue reading Adulting. Why I’m failing at it and don’t give a damn.