love lessons

loving pt. 1

loving someone with a mental illness. being in love with someone with a mental illness is the hardest thing i've ever experienced. there are good days and there are horrible days. there are in between days. there are days when that person doesn't want to be them anymore. there are days when that person wants… Continue reading loving pt. 1


Expectations .

Wide awake, with blood shot eyes. It's been such a stupid day. When I finally thought it's silly not to trust. But it's really not, it's a means of protecting oneself. When they tell you not to have expectations for should really learn that it applies to e v e r y o n… Continue reading Expectations .


An Open Letter to Nick.

Hi Nick, I thought today I'd see another snippy Facebook post about the revolution or overthrowing the government today from you. I thought that this year you'd tell me some good news about what's been happening with your life. I thought I wouldn't lose another  friend this year. I woke up to a post by… Continue reading An Open Letter to Nick.