I’m Essence! A self-proclaimed artist, to be short. I am a writer, editor, traveler, blogger (obviously), and patiently trying to make sense of this spinning thing we inhabit.

Embracing my quirks and pretending I have background music to my life.

(shoutouts to Toro y Moi, Anderson. Paak, Nina Simone, Childish Gambino, She & Him and Kisum)

I watch too many K/C Dramas, have a healthy obsession with cheesy grits and JayPark. Self taught in American Sign Language and struggling with Spanish, French and Mandarin. Consistently trying not to be a shit person and writing about my experiences on the internet, hopefully going somewhere with all of this…anyway:

“Welcome to me”

(like that movie Kirsten Wiig was in but with less sex)
ngg11 - Copy

Zoey Deschanel’s character Jess on ‘New Girl’ *I identify with almost 100% of the time*