College Grads

So, you’ve graduated College and feel like a LOSER.

Working, none of us want to do it, but we need to because … money … obviously. But where I am now, I would’ve never imagined it.

Cap ü

Gown ü

Hair  Laid ü

Life on Track Post-College _ _ _ 

As I sit here in my parents’ home at twenty-two years old listening to Kllo’s – Take us to the Grave (coincidence?), I feel anxious about where I’m going and wondering why I haven’t gotten my entire sleeve tattooed and re-dyed my hair green, because at this rate I might as well do whatever the shit I want and hope for the best. 

We’re all taught to go to school, get good grades and then we’ll magically get a good job.

Here I am with my good grades, and important piece of paper to prove it, working Retail.

I hate retail, mostly because of the hours, the fact that I’m a non-people-person-people-person-person has maybe 6% of the reasoning behind my discontent for retail, but not the other ninety-four percent.

Working 4.5 hours to MAYBE 9.5 hours a week on minimum wage for the amount of work I do, however, is a large part of my frustration.

In hindsight, it frees up my days to job hunt like a madwoman and attempt to immerse myself in things that I love or want to love. 

• Ree • Tail •

• Re • Tale •

• Retail •

I’ve been working in this industry almost my entire college career, which would be 4 years and 3 months, and since I’ve graduated it’s been roughly 5 months, besides my small stint with a warehouse. It (retail work) has taught me a lot about myself, human behavior, patience, work-life and romance –or whatever the fuck– and a ton of other qualities that I am thankful for.

What I’ve learned being a sales associate, and in a sense another piece of merchandise, to some shitty people, high-strung people, and a couple cool cats:

  1.  Managers, specifically Store Managers don’t believe you have an actual life outside of your job. 
  2.  Dating your co-worker is a great TERRIBLE idea and should definitely be avoided at all costs; in case they’re a piece of shit person. It’s really hard to get away from them and their toxic personality…you know, because you work with them.
  3. Being a borderline asshole to customers who are racist is a great feeling and I recommend it 10/10.
  4.  Some people are going to take their job way to seriously, so weed out the fun co-workers and make an impenetrable bond with them. 
  5.  Never quit improving yourself. Whether it be with your schoolwork, art, or making time for yourself to practice yoga, be the best damn yoga instructor you can be and don’t sacrifice the things you love for a shit pay job that doesn’t value you. Don’t allow yourself to lose track of what it is you want to do with your life that makes you happiest.
  6.  Some customers are going to be super amazing to talk to, and they might even share their food. These people are treasures and I hope you see them again in life and you become best friends.

A common association I’ve come across with two of the stores I’ve worked at longest are the co-workers that share the same ideals as myself. They’re involved in different projects and continuously trying to better themselves. Selling clothing and painting fake smiles on their faces are not all they’re about and it’s exciting, to me, to hear about a co-workers new EP, or see the new drawings they have to share, or their new found love interests. That shit makes me so happy when other people are excited about their little victories.

Working in retail after college has given me time to write more poetry, draw more aliens and plants and really start to figure out what I want for myself, no matter what.

I’ve gone through tons of companies (and I’m not done yet) and figured out which ones I’d love to write for, edit for, be a part of.

I love cynic’s, comedians, lost souls that need an ear to hear them out.

I’ve gone out and gotten more tattoos, gone on more dates, started making smoothies and quit eating meat. I’ve been able to figure out how to save my tiny paychecks in different places and find fun where money isn’t necessary. 

I have better people skills, although I still, sometimes, have anxiety attacks. I’ve learned to manage myself.

Pictured: Self

Photo Credit: PunkRock Celeste

Retail teaches you how to get the most amount of shit done in the fastest amount of time and make it look pretty damn close to immaculate, all with a smile on your face (for the most part). And the biggest thing, you learn how to deal with people, because a large percentage of people are usually assholes.

I want to work for a company that doesn’t care about my giant hair, tattoos, “potty” mouth, or my occasional silent days; but the work I put into what I’m passionate about. 

I am learning patience from the children that frequent the store and pushing myself when I no longer want to continue learning, which is why I’m teaching myself three languages for people (customers) who speak different languages than me (including ASL), and I can multi-task like NOBODIES BUSINESS. 

Where I’m going to leave off today would be, I am terrified of where I am at this point in my life. I stand at what seems like 4 different roads with tons of possibilities, and I guess I’m still growing up and letting blessings and opportunities come to me is something I still have to learn.

It’s great that I’ve been able to do a lot more and challenge myself, but I’m ready to start doing what I love somewhere else.

I am first Black, then a Woman, but even when that’s all you may see, I still want to be a better person than I was yesterday, I want to write, I am a writer. – Essence Dennis


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